Why Pay by Wisepay? De-bunking the myths!

Do you remember enrolment? (Yes, all the way back in September!) Do you remember scanning your finger?

Well, this is what this blog post is all about. Hopefully, it will answers some of your questions about why it’s the better way to pay.


What are the benefits?

It’s quicker than paying with money.

No one can tell who receives free school meals or pays with money.

Less hassle from your parents – you can prove your lunch money is actually spent on lunch. 😉

It’s all a bit Big Brother isn’t it?

No, when your finger is first scanned, the fingerprint is converted into a number.

This number cannot be converted back to your fingerprint.

Only the number is stored alongside you name and account balance in your account.

How do I top up?

It works just like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone – top-up online OR in-person at any till in College.

You can visit a website to check how much money you have left on your account.

Click on the link Below to top up…


Don’t worry…

You can still pay by cash

If you have trouble with your finger, 🙂 and the scan is not working then drop into Student Services and we can get it sorted.

Informative words by Mark Reid – Computer Wizard & IT Whisperer

Posted on Behalf of Leon Clifford – Director of Finance & Film Auteur