Why New College Governor Lord Digby Jones Is Awesome

The College has a new Governor! But who is he and why is he a big deal? Let’s take a look:

► Profile:

  • Lord Digby Jones (yep, he’s a ‘Lord’ like Lord Alan Sugar from ‘The Apprentice’)
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Politician

► Past experience:

  • Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
  • Minister of State for Trade and Investment
  • Presenter of the BBC2 series “The New Troubleshooter”

► He’s from around here…

  • Born in Birmingham
  • Educated at Bromsgrove School
  • Studied Law at University College London

► What’s he’s up to now:

  • Chairman of many major companies including Triumph Motorcycles Limited.
  • Corporate Adviser / Ambassador to many companies including JCB and Jaguar Cars.

► Why should you care?

  • The board of governors’ task is to make sure the College’s management is doing a good job. The more knowledgeable and experienced the governors are the better for the College.


► What you should do now? Ask Lord Digby Jones a question on Twitter! @Digbylj