USA private club Internships

Seeking students with a minimum of 1 year practical experience in Food & Beverage or Culinary for an Internship in America working at exclusive private golf, beach and country clubs.

They will have the opportunity to experience a club service model unlike any other around the world, and will get to see and participate in a diversity of service experiences:

  • Formal, informal and casual A-La-Carte dining
  • Spectacular Buffets – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, cookouts, events
  • Club Social Events: holidays, patriotic celebrations, show themes, family programs
  • Themed Dining: gourmet wine dinners and regional cuisine
  • Sports events – club, member, corporate and USGA
  • Private events: small member family celebrations to large, elaborate weddings

For this paid internship, students earn a stipend that ranges from $8 to $13 per hour, usually reflecting the impact of housing arrangements, and club plans for end-of-season incentives.

ROOM & BOARD – Fully furnished housing is facilitated by the club. Where the club does not have its own housing (most of Florida), the club contracts nearby apartments for the interns, who would pay rent (deducted via paycheck garnishment).  Utilities and cable would be included.  Lunch and dinner is provided by the club.

TRANSPORTATION – If housing is not on-property, the club provides transportation to and from the club.

COSTS – Each student is entirely responsible for paying their own visa and travel cost.  BSG does not charge the students anything.  BSG assists the students in obtaining their visas through accredited visa sponsors.

The majority of students come directly to Florida in October.  Most spend seven months in Florida for the winter season, and then transfer for the remainder of the year to another premium quality private club in the Northeastern US.  A few clubs in Florida and the Northeast have interns come to them for the full year.

There are situations wherein students start their internship in April or May, in which case they would do so at a Northeastern club. Six-month interns (rarely recommended, due to lack of value for and greater incremental cost to the student) would return home by the end of October.  Interns starting a full-year program at that time would transfer in mid-October to another premium quality private club in Florida.

Most students who go on the full-year program get to live in two different parts of America, immersing themselves in contrasting lifestyles and cultural environments. They also have the time to explore those regions, and travel around the US from each base. Interns experience the expansive facilities of two contrasting operations, and gain insight to two styles of management perspective. They also get to network within the top 2% of US society while continuing to absorb invaluable knowledge of first-class hospitality. Interns get to enjoy the cultural and behavioral diversity of the club employee group that, typically, is very diverse.  They end up making lifelong friendships amongst their new colleagues.

If you’d like more information about this fantastic opportunity, attend a presentation in  FG24 on Wednesday 15th October, 4pm-5pm