Student Surgery & Get your NUS Cards 10th December @ 1-1.30pm in the Cultural Cafe!

Student Surgery

Hello everyone!

We are having a Student Surgery on Wednesday 10th December 2014 @ 1-1.30 in The Oasis Café.

What is that?

Well, fair and gentle viewer, it is a chance for you to talk to our Student Governors about anything to do with the college. You can put forward your views, give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or tell us what we are doing right.

Our Student Governors are Sophie Hunt and Ysabel De Lux.

They are there for you! 

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You can also get your NUS Cards in time for Christmas. If you want to grab discounts off shopping, food, travel, electronics and online shops then come on down on the Wednesday 10th December.

 1pm – 1.30pm

What you need to do to make it simple and quick?

It will cost £12.00. Pay this in Reception and get a receipt.

Get a copy of your ID photo – You can get this done in Reprographics in The LearnZone.

Get a photocopy of your receipt.

…do a little dance…


Then bring it all to me at the Café and I’ll issue you with your NUS Card. You are then free to go and get those bargains.


See you there!