Student Ambassadors Meeting Thursday 16th October 2014 @ 12.45

Action Stations! Action stations! Action stations!

Prepare for action; prepare for danger; prepare for…um…ambassadoring?

We need you Ambassadors. This is serious.

Your mission is to attend the Student Ambassadors continuation training in The Job Pod @ 12.45 – 1.30 on Thursday 16th October 2014.

You will be briefed on what is required of you during the College Open Events starting next month. As such, we will conduct an extensive stealth reconnaissance of the College campus (we’ll go for a bit of a walk) to ensure you are fully equipped to take members of the public out into the field (or at least show them where the toilets are).

See you then Ambassadors. It is a damn privilege to work with you.

Good Luck Ambassadors!

On Behalf of Peter Edgar – Sales, Marketing & Recruitment Officer
Marketing & Sales (or M to those in the know)


In coming message…

We would like to give a Massive Thank you to our first intrepid Ambassador.

Tom Bailey! Congratulations on the successful completion of your first mission.

Top notch work!

Over and out…HQ