Principal’s Question Time : What happened next?

Principal’s Question Time : What happened next?

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What happened?

A forum was held on Thursday 11th February in The Student Common Room for all Student Reps, and Ambassadors. They were  asked to gather the opinions of their class and pose these questions and issues to the Principal, in person.

At 12.30pm, the forum began with the Principal, The Head of Marketing and SLC in session, and 12 students. Each student was asked about their opinions and issues directly by the Principal. Many of the issue were discussed and resolved thorough explanations however there were a few that need further action.


Maths  Lessons

These were looked into with support given to lecturers to have more fluid and logical progression through subjects and give a better structure to lessons.

The Representatives were also asked to feedback about classroom protocol.


LearnZone (VLE) and Assignments

Explanations were given about the VLE and LearnZone content. Support has been given for assignments in the Electrical Engineering component of the course.

The Representative was asked to feedback to their classmates and liaise with the department head about the progress

IT Services

Students can ask their lecturer to request extra credits for assignments that are ‘printer heavy’ e.g. Art & Design, Photography, Media. There are  also strategies being put together for New WiFi, Computer Room and A3 Printer with photo quality.

The Representatives were to feedback to their classes about the IT services plans for new equipment and better internet speed.

Catering on Campus

Explanations about the College’s pricing strategies were given to the student along with a full breakdown of costings.  These will be made available for all students.

The Representative was asked to feedback the information to their class and friends, where they can make saving on food bought on Campus and the reasons for the different types of eateries at College.

( Check out the Brazz menu on The Student Blog Every Week!)


Advertising of student’s work

The Academy Restaurant is now advertised on the new College website with additional advertising in The Buzz magazine.

The Design for Theatre students are now in talks with the Visitors Center about a permanent exhibition site and in The Brazz for artwork.


Themed Wall Idea

The Representative went on a tour of the Campus with the Principal and Director of Marketing and chose a wall next to the old pond area ( back of D Block) .

The Rep and his team are currently in talks with the Head of Art & Design about creating the mural on this wall.

A big thank you to The Principal, all of the Representatives and Staff involved in making this possible.



The Next Principal’s Question Time will be…

Thursday 21st May 2015

@ 1pm

in The Common Room

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