Job Pod! Drop in and see us!

What are these all about?

Job Pod Flyers Student Version 2 White

You may have seen them on noticeboards, outside of classrooms, in your tutorials: But what on earth is the Job Pod?

It is the place (In F Block) that you can drop in and get advice on your next move whether you are going to university, getting a job or  going for an apprenticeship. There are resources galore to help you make an informed decision on where to go next.

What can I do in the Job Pod?

  • Use the computers to look at Career Coach, research jobs and courses, write your CV, apply for jobs & apprenticeships.


  • You can come in to get advice and guidance from Adam Crawford about progression after your current course.


  • You can use the prospectus to see what university or HE courses you would like to study.


  • Look at the current trends in the job market, see which sectors are on the increase &  show you the optimum path& get the advice and guidance you need to achieve this

If you need more information then drop and have a chat with Adam Crawford


Email careers@