Higher Education & Careers Fayre September 2014

Date: Thursday 25 September
Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Location: The Space

What is a Higher Education and Careers Fayre?

It’s an event where employers and education providers give you the opportunity to ask questions of people who have already successfully gained employment in a specific skills sector. It also provides an opportunity to ask higher education providers what it’s like to study with them and what is expected of you.

Why should I go?

To find out what’s out there. This is an excellent opportunity to help you discover companies that match your career aspirations and eliminate those that don’t, as well as finding possible work experience providers in person. Even if none of the careers or options on offer seem for you, the chance to speak to national employers and education providers to check out the competition is invaluable. You may discover a company or role that you would not have considered before attending the event.

The real world is not organised by what you study, a high percent of advertised jobs DO NOT specify a specific qualification, just a qualification level in a generic area. You don’t have to be studying I.T to speak to Google or Engineering to speak to Jaguar Landrover.

We have a confirmed list of attendees:

Hereford College of Arts, Aston University, Frontier, Navy Careers, Plymouth College of Art, Home Instead, University of Westminster, Royal Central School Speech Drama, University of Northampton, Birmingham School of Acting, Bangor University, University of Nottingham, Sanctuary , University of Oxford, Apprenticeship Hub, Shakespeare Hospice, Oxford Brooks and many more…

 If, in the meantime, you would like to discuss the event, please contact the Student Services department on 01789 266 245 or email careers@stratford.ac.uk