Could you help raise money for Cancer Research UK?

on behalf of Katie Morton

I am secretary of Stratford and Studley Young Farmers club and i have recently raised £1,200 through the YFC group. This is a huge achievement for me and i would love it if more young people would do the same.

Since September 2014, I began fund-raising for Cancer Research UK. Cancer has effected many friends and family, and I started looking in to it and decided that the only way we will find a way of curing cancer is by raising money. Cancer Research doesn’t lack in expertise, but as a non governmental organisation it just needs funds to continue and higher the level of research being conducted. Although I did not raise this money alone, I did it along Stratford and Studley Young Farmers club for which I am secretary for. We managed to raise £600 by a variety of ways.

One of the ways was holding a Bonfire Night, where we served jacket potatoes with beans and cheese or chilli con carne. There was no charge for the evening although we put out a little box and asked for donations. As well as this, the club holds an annual New Years Eve party where I made 120 jellyshots, we charged £1 per shot which gave us £120 to put in the pot. Although this is only two ways we made money we did so much more and because of the clubs hard work our Chairman decided to match what we raised so in the end we were able to donate £1,200.

After raising the money we had a talk from Jeff who is Warwick and Leamington’s chairman, he informed us of where our money will go and why it will help. The talk was very informative and if anyone would like to get in contact with Jeff, I would be more than happy to pass his details over and I know he would be too.

As well if anyone would like to get in contact with me and find out other ways we have raised money I would be thrilled to help out.

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