Calling all Catering Students for 2015! April 24th ( Icing cakes) and 25th (Running the stall)


         Calling all Catering Students for 2015!


“We are looking for catering student volunteers to get involved in the Shakespeare’s Big Birthday Cake Project 2015” – Justin Seaborn – Commercial Catering & Retail Manager 

So we need you!

“We are looking for as many student volunteers as possible to help on Friday between 3pm and 4pm ( about an hour) to ice 1000 cup cakes ready to take down to the town on Saturday.”

“Volunteers would then work with the Stratford catering team to hand out cupcakes in the town within the celebrations.”

“You need to be in college on Saturday 25th April at 10am ready to go in your whites. You would be finished at college at 2pm.”

“This is a great opportunity which looks good on your CV as volunteer work as other students from construction & art are doing the same also if you volunteer early enough your name can go on the press release before as well as after with photos.” – Justin Seaborn: Commercial Catering & Retail Manager

If you are interested then please sign the sheets up on the noticeboard in the catering department. You can put your name the date you’ll be able to help and your contact details.